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What is ATGC Labs?

Located in the biotech-rich state of Maryland, ATGC Labs meets the ever-increasing demand for quality information-technology solutions, consulting, software development, and programming of commercial bioinformatics systems. Our innovative approach to leveraging technology to advance your scientific objectives enables a more streamlined workflow. Through the combination of technology and scientific knowledge, ATGC Labs provides solutions that are catalysts to integration efforts resulting in more effective laboratory processes. We focus our talents on providing solutions to address difficult, otherwise unsolvable problems that have resulted in research bottlenecks.
If you have a new requirement or require upkeep services for a software system, our team of bioinformatics scientists and computer professionals will be able to assist you. We are available for your research and commercial bioinformatics needs.

Science & Engineering Lab Inventory

The Science & Engineering Lab Inventory System is innovative, easy to learn full-featured solution for research laboratories. Lab Inventory can be used to track reagents, disposables, analytical instruments, computer hardware and general laboratory equipment. Lab Inventory is ideal for all types of industries, including biotechnology, chemistry, education, dentistry, electronics, physics, medicine and more.

Lab Processes

Lab Processes helps chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists in conducting a wide variety of tests and experiments. Lab Processes is a lightweight, user-friendly program for managing and executing process tasks with synchronous and asynchronous continuations. Addition of new custom processes and tasks is very simple and intuitive. Lab Processes uses event listeners for decoupling technical software details from instrument management. Lab Processes is capable of cloning processes and needs only minor modifications to reflect individual requirements or custom specifications.

Freezer Web Access

Freezer Web Access is a user-friendly program designed to assist researchers with establishing an efficient system for storing frozen biological samples. Freezer Web Access is designed to fit your existing laboratory workflow through its highly configurable and easy to manage set-up, as well as to mirror the unique process steps for each individual laboratory. Freezer Web Access is built in a way that requires no IT-staff assistance for set up or use.
The Cell Culture module provides easy to follow, step-by-step protocols, includes tips as well as the ability to take notes. It is of interest to researchers, technicians and process engineers using cell culture within the biotechnology, biomedicine and pharmaceutical industries.


Discover the elegant simplicity and versatility of ezFreezer software loaded with innovative features, which include seamless data import, export, sharing, and collaboration. In an era when there have been significant advancements in scientific research methods, including the use of robotics and other laboratory automation, ezFreezer is dedicated to providing the best experience and the smoothest transition to next-generation asset management.

ActiveLN, electronic laboratory notebook

ActiveLN, a web-based, secure, modular and expandable electronic laboratory notebook system was designed to meet your company's needs. ActiveLN inspires users to work and think outside the box, supports collaboration and knowledge sharing among users, provides the enterprise-wide instrument and software integration as well as easy access to projects and experiments. ActiveLN's implementation is cost-effective, it is suitable for all scientific and applied tasks, is easy to install, use and implement new workflows and workflow sets.