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Active LIMS

ATGC Labs Laboratory Information Management System - the perfect choice for your business.

ATGC Labs Customer-oriented Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a set of software modules dedicated to annotating, collecting, managing and accessing the research biology data generated in the process of drug screening and discovery. The philosophy behind the architecture is to create a flexible, robust system that can accommodate data from various assay technology platforms run in a high-throughput mode.

Did you know?
ActiveLIMS works with industry-standard software such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL creating a true operating system and database independent solution.

As spreadsheets grow in size and become harder to manage, the manual nature of data collection and maintenance is posing a challenge to businesses. These spreadsheets may exist in multiple iterations causing version control issues, they are usually hard to synchronize across multiple platforms, and many times present different data views depending on the purpose.
ATGC Labs recognizes the need for a centralized data store for all compound, assay data and software tools to analyze and report on the information, and the need for access to these same databases of compounds and assay results. The philosophy behind our architecture is to create a flexible, robust system that will accommodate data from various assay technology platforms while running in a high-throughput mode.

ActiveLIMS sets a new standard for life science software. You will be able to manage any type of sample and associated data in a fully customizable multi-level flexible component-based system with the freedom to create any laboratory workflow in just minutes. ActiveLIMS is a highly customizable system so it can meet all customer requirements, creating paperless solutions for the integration of data by interfacing with lab equipment and incorporating statistical packages. ActiveLIMS is instrument independent, allowing labs to choose their own instruments with the confidence that it will interface with their LIMS. Instrument integration and control for liquid handling and assay result measurement including SpectraMax, TaqMan, etc. are fully supported in order to reduce the time needed for data collection. ActiveLIMS can create custom integration with any third party systems in a lab.

Major Modules:

1Animal Studies and Facilities.
Prepare, submit and track animal studies.

2Assay management (ELISA, qPCR).
Assay Management module facilitates best practice business processes for analytical data request, quality control and quality assurance.

3Liquid transfer (Biomek, Protedyne) and Instrument data management (SpectraMax, TaqMan).
ActiveLIMS helps you properly log, manage, analyze, visualize, and report large amounts of raw data.

4Freezer inventory.
Fully customizable freezer configuration works for all freezer types, tank racking systems, and cryo storage units.

5Samples Module
Manages all sample data with the unlimited number of custom-defined fields.

6Experiments Module
Helps chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists conduct a wide variety of tests and experiments.

7Document management and record management module
Provides the needed functionality, including document, web content and record management. Our document management and record management modules use an open standard API to communicate with diverse document management systems and repositories.

8RESTful Web Services API
Supports RESTful Web Services API for bi-directional integration.

ActiveLIMS meets GLP and FDA Guidelines, including 21 CFR part 11 requirements.
ActiveLIMS uses a web-based client/server architecture allowing secure data access anywhere, and anytime. This agile system will increase productivity.